Raising Canine

Special Needs Dogs – with Jules Nye

Savor the satisfaction of helping a client with a really difficult challenge! Just because a dog is deaf and/or blind doesn’t mean his brain doesn’t work. These dogs are just as intelligent as “Joe Normal” dogs, and training them just means using some critical thinking to be a creative problem solver. Learn how to use the other senses to train the most requested owner behaviors using positive reinforcement techniques.


Some key points that will be covered:

  • How do dogs become deaf / blind?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • How can you test if a dog is deaf?
  • Are vibration collars a good idea?
  • Why do some deaf / blind dogs become aggressive or develop anxiety?
  • What cues and behaviors can I teach my dog?
  • Is ASL the best for training a deaf dog?
  • How do you communicate?
  • How to handle relationships between other house hold pets after your dog goes deaf / blind?
  • How to avoid major problems & aggression?
  • Do I need to euthanize my dog?


To enroll, click: Training Deaf and/or Blind Dogs

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