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Coaching You to the Best Business Model Possible

“A coach may be the guardian angel you need to rev up your career.” MONEY Magazine

Welcome! I hope that you’ll find this page helpful in learning more about coaching in general and working with me in particular. While this page describes “my” business, it’s really about you and what you want to create in your life.  If these words resonate for you then we should talk.

I have had the privilege of working with Susan Smith of Raising Canine, LLC since June 2006 when I retained her services as a business coach.  As an owner of a dog training company, I was thrilled to hire someone who is both business-savvy and has first-hand knowledge of the dog training industry.  As a new business owner, I had many questions, and I’ve always felt comfortable asking Sue even the most remedial questions.  My confidence has increased and I’ve become much more proactive in promoting my business.  One of Sue’s greatest assets is her ability to “think outside of the box” – a skill which makes me turn to her on a regular basis for fresh ideas.  Together, we’ve redirected the focus of my business to best address the needs of my customer base and to increase growth potential.

Leslie Wiesner
It’s Your Dog, LLC
Hamburg, NJ

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaboration between you and your coach which results in a greater understanding of your strengths and limitations.  With this self-knowledge you are better equipped to improve your business and personal life.

As an experienced businessperson, I can provide perspective and practical advice to help you. Together, we will

  • Create the vision for your Perfect Business
  • Help define and set business, marketing, and income goals
  • Define appropriate approaches for reaching your goals
  • Maintain focus
  • Monitor progress

I truly want to thank you for the amazingly inspiring and insightful conversation! There is no question that brainstorming is SUCH a huge strength of yours, and the brief conversation that we shared has inspired me to write down several pages of thoughts, ideas, prospective endeavors and of course many, many questions! Your talent for brainstorming and innovation parallels your remarkable ability to inspire others – how grand!

Malena DeMartini-Price
San Francisco Bay area

Coaching works for several reasons:

  • It can be very lonely being a solopreneur. A business coach has similar goals and interests as you, and is someone with whom you can openly discuss your successes and frustrations.
  • Having someone to work with and bounce ideas off, gives you greater clarity, making it easier to find solutions.
  • A coach has knowledge and tools that will help you develop new skills, which translate into greater success.
  • Your goals will become more focused and relevant to both yourself and your business.

“Early in 2011, I started working with Sue to develop a marketing plan on a single training video I was creating. Immediately Sue tapped into the real potential of my idea and guided me to think BIG!  Sue embraced the passion I have for my profession and within 4 months her business knowledge guided me to launch my dream project, SpotOnAgility.com, an online agility training resource website.

It was hard work, but Sue was there throughout the entire process and thanks to her guidance I am confident in the business plan, the products and our direction.  Thanks Sue!”

Lisa Selthofer
Dog Agility Online Training Resource

How My Coaching Program Works:

  1. We set up 3 phone appointments each month.
  2. You call me at the specified times.
  3. We discuss your goals, progress from the previous week, continuing projects and set new goals.
  4. As we work, you’ll develop insights into both yourself and your business. Things that were confusing will become clear. New ideas, strategies and specific action plans will become obvious.
  5. I will listen very carefully to what you say AND to what you don’t say.  Often I’ll have insights or intuitive notions about things you are feeling but not saying, or things that you should do but are afraid to try. I’ll encourage, cajole and sometimes browbeat you to greater accomplishments and grander visions.
  6. Of course, you will ask me questions along the way. I may answer them, or I may ask you to answer them.
  7. I ask for a minimum 3-session commitment to the process. Changes are not made overnight, and even the most willing of clients experience resistance to the very changes they want to make. Most clients stay with the coaching process beyond this initial commitment. However, if at any time the process is not working for you I also ask that you commit to bring the problem to me directly so that we can discuss the issue(s) and agree how to proceed.
  8. You’ll continue to create and experience who you really are.  It will be rewarding, intimate and fun.

Free Collaborative Interview

Please take advantage of my offer of a FREE “15 minute collaborative interview” to see if we’re a good fit. I promise it will be valuable for both of us, no matter what the outcome.  E-mail me to set up a Collaborative Interview.

Program Options and Prices

Individual Monthly Coaching: I have 3 individual coaching packages available. All monthly coaching includes unlimited e-mail support and impromptu “check-in” calls (limited to 10 minutes unless otherwise agreed to).

  • Border Collie – 9 – 45 minute phone appointments – $255/month – Add to Cart (3 sessions per month for 3 months) – this is an intensive program covering all aspects of your business including:
    • Identifying your goals
    • Time Management
    • Understanding your financials
    • Planning and Forecasting
    • Evaluating current and potential profit centers
    • Pinpointing your target market
    • Understanding your target market
    • Positioning your business
    • Evaluating and implementing new profit centers
    • Quality Management
    • Lead generation & conversion
    • Staffing
    • Company culture


  • Bird Dog – 6 – 45 minute phone appointments – $270/month – Add to Cart (3 sessions per month for 2 months) – you choose what you want to discuss (I suggest you look at the Border Collie program and pick the topics that interest you, and also include your specific needs)


  • Puppy Program – 3 – 45 minute phone appointments – $300/month – Add to Cart (3 session in one month) – you choose what you want to discuss and we’ll brainstorm and solve problems


Single Session Consulting: For people wanting to pick my brain on a focused, specific topic. Allows for two follow up e-mails

  • Hound Dog – 1 – 55 minute phone session – $150 – Add to Cart


Not sure?  Take advantage of my free Collaborative Interview.  Email me at sue@raisingcanine.com and we’ll set up a time to see how we might work together.

Logistical Stuff

48 hour notice to cancel, or the appointment will be considered completed
All times are stated in central time.

If you have not called in within 10 minutes of the time your call is scheduled, this will be considered a completed appointment.