Free On-Demand Courses

Give our on-demand courses a try – at no risk! These courses are either promoting a product or are just a fun course that we did for free. Either way, it gives you a chance to try them out risk free, and see if it’s a product that works for you. If you enjoy these courses, be sure to check out our many on-demand courses that provide education and help for your business. Free courses do not qualify for CEUs.

Remote Consultations for Aggression Cases
FREE – on-demand
Presented by Michal Shikashio

Virtual Consultations
1/2 Price – on demand
Presented by Katenna Jones

Adapting Your Dog Training Classes to a COVID-19 World – Marketing and Technical Tips to Transition Your Students Online and Keep Your Business Moving
1/2 Price – on demand
Presented by Mychelle Blake

Covid 19: Pivoting in a Pandemic
1/2 Price – on demand
Presented by Melissa McCue-McGrath

My New Coworkers, Spot and Fluffy, Are Driving Me Crazy: Tips and tricks for helping your clients and their pets to get through a work-at-home situation
1/2 Price – on demand
Presented by Lisa Potts

Achieving Trick Dog Status Via Video: Ideas on increasing your business through teaching certificate earning tricks
1/2 Price – live 6/10/20
Presented by Lisa Potts