Raising Canine

In-home Dog Training & Behavior Consulting

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(Raising Canine, LLC) www.eastvalleydogtraining.com Dog Obedience Training: All dogs, big or small will benefit from some one-on-one training. Learn behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come when called, go to your place, etc. Basic Manners Training: Learn how to get rid of annoying behaviors such as jumping up, refusing to get off the couch, over-excited door behavior, etc.  Reactivity: If your dog is reactive to other dogs or people in some situations (such as out on a walk), we can help you not only get that behavior under control, but even help your dog learn to like running into dogs and people on walks. There are many other behaviors that dogs indulge in that we wish they wouldn’t, but these are some of the most common behaviors that Raising Canine can help you with.

In addition to problem behaviors, we can help you get your new puppy off to a healthy, happy beginning with our Puppy Head Start program. We love working with puppies and puppies love learning!

If you have a dog and need help, contact us and let us help.