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Positive Herding 101

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Do you have a bored or high energy dog looking for a job? Herding breeds of all stripes will benefit from the training in my book, Positive Herding 101, but your dog doesn’t need to have herding instinct to join in the fun! By following the explanations and plans in my training manual you can start any dog on the path to herding success without any livestock.

If you have not previously considered herding or you are already an experienced handler, this book is for you. My book offers a completely new approach to foundation training that begins by teaching your dog herding skills without the huge distraction of livestock present. All skills are built in layers that are started inside, moved outside, and then practiced around penned stock.

In this webinar I will show you the level of competency my dogs have attained, we’ll talk to my student from South Africa about her amazing success with her dog, and look at exactly how to build the layers of learning starting in your home and ending out to the paddock with livestock. I hope you will join me!

Pre-requisites OR Target Level of Knowledge: n/a
Instructor: Barb Buchmayer
Continuing Education Units (CEUs):  n/a
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Course Length: 1.5 hr
Original Air Date: 2021

Course Cost: Free

Contact Information: sue@raisingcanine.com

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