Britt Alwerud

Britt-alwerudBritt Alwerud is as obsessed about business as much as she’s obsessed with her dogs, Daisy and Taj. Britt started her business DogZenergy ten years ago in the dorm rooms at UCSD. She missed her dogs at home so much that she started walking dogs for friends and before she knew it she was walking 30 dogs per day when she graduated. Britt loved her dogs, but was suffering from burnout when it came to running her business. That’s when she decided to learn everything she could about business so that she could love her business as much as she loved her dogs. With a lot of research, trail and error, Britt discovered the secret to financial freedom and success when it comes to running a pet related business. That’s when she decided to create Handlr. A game-changing mobile business app that puts your business operations (scheduling, client management, payments, and more) on auto-pilot so that you can focus on doing what you love. Using Handlr to operate their business, DogZenergy now has 15 dog walkers and pet sitters in San Diego and takes care of hundreds of San Diego’s most loved dogs.