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Professional Dog Trainer On-Line Course

While this may sound overly dramatic, I have to tell you that the Professional Dog Trainer Course has absolutely changed my life. The mix of online convenience and telephone support coupled with the reliable, extensive and well-organized information has been more beneficial than I could have imagined.

This is not just a course in dog training. This is true professional development. In other words, I am not only a more knowledgeable trainer. I am a better thinker, a more effective communicator, a more polished professional and a much wiser woman. I cannot thank you enough for the effort you put into teaching and I will be forever grateful for your willingness to share your professional experience and insight.

Thanks to Raising Canine’s Professional Dog Trainer Course, I confidently opened my own dog training and behavior consulting business. My business has been very successful, and I owe that in large part, to the excellent education I received from Susan Smith.In just under two years, I’ve been able to purchase my own facility and will now be able to offer dog daycare, private appointments, retail products, and a large variety of group classes thanks to several excellent trainers who work for me.

Of course, you never want to stop learning, and Raising Canine’s telecourses are another great opportunity for continuing education, but I can’t say enough good things about the solid foundation I received from the Professional Dog Trainer Course – a foundation that I and my business can continue to build on because it’s strong enough to support anything and everything that I can possibly dream of for my future.

I had several considerations before choosing The Professional Dog Training Course. I have worked with dogs for many years so I wanted to make sure the course fit my experience level (I had no idea how much I had yet to learn!). I already held a degree so I didn’t want a full length University program. My husband often travels on short notice so I have a hard time getting away. This made Raising Canine’s self-paced internet course the most realistic choice for me. Finally, I was interested in taking the next step and preparing for the CPDT-KA (which I passed with flying colors). Susan is a wealth of information and experience for her dog training students. During our weekly phone calls (and the best part of the program, in my opinion) she could easily solve most training, client, or dog business questions that I asked. She knows what works, what doesn’t, and why. If she didn’t know the answer she consulted with field experts. This course has given me the tools to be the dog trainer I always thought I could be.

I was so happy to review your Professional Dog Trainer Course. The information is accurate and based on proven science, not myth and passing fads.

At Buddy’s Chance Dog Training in Austin, Texas, we’ve had a number of dog training students come mentor with us after taking courses with another very popular dog trainer’s school. I have to say, they do not have nearly the quality of education and the depth of information that your students receive – and your enrollment fee is significantly lower than theirs! Your Professional Dog Trainer Course will help prepare students with the knowledge they need to become true professionals. If you have students in Austin, we would love to have them apprentice with us after they complete your professional dog trainer course – I know they’ll meet our high standards!

I had researched several other programs before picking Susan Smith’s ProfessionalDog Trainer Course. I liked the flexibility that the on line course offered and the fact that the program was so comprehensive covering all the topics needed for the CPDT exam. Plus another benefit no other programs offered is a twice weekly conference call with Susan’s expertise. On this call we discuss learning theory, behavior, client issues and any other issue that we might have. Plus Susan is always available to speak to you one on one if you need additional help. You will not find another course out there that offers everything that Susan Smith’s course has.

After working 30 years for corporate America, I decided it was time for a new career path. After a great deal of research I selected Raising Canine’s Professional Dog trainer Course offered by Susan Smith.My experience with Raising Canine has been enlightening, educational and fulfilling. Raising Canine has a well structured course and course resources that develops a person into a well balanced, knowledgeable trainer.Once the course has been completed, Susan does not say good-bye and best wishes. She continues her relationship with her students in weekly meetings with a team of trainers sharing experiences with various types of cases. I now have the confidence to train on a level that I don’t believe would have been possible with other online courses. I would highly recommend Raising Canine’s educational and training program to anyone serious about making a difference in the companion animal world.Thank you, Susan, for developing Raising Canine and for being so dedicated.

Sharon Hirschler
K9 Manners in Motion
Denton, TX

Understanding Learning Theory

I owe you a very belated thank you for your Learning Theory class I took earlier this year. I gained so much useful knowledge not only for helping me prepare for and pass the CPDT-KA spring exam, but also for expanding my trainer’s toolbox. In return, I continue to grow so that my students, clients and dogs benefit … and that’s what it’s all about! Thanks!

Aimee Busse, CPDT-KA
Burr Ridge, IL

Wow!  I am SO loving your Learning Theory seminar so far! I’ve heard this jargon a lot in my trainer group, but now I’ll be better able to follow what they’re saying.

Diane Troup
Santa Clara, CA

Hi Sue –  Just a quick note to tell you Thank You for the wonderful seminar.  I would “never” have understood all I needed to without your help.I read, Culture Clash (again), Exerl-erated Learning, Brenda Alfoff’s thick bible (again) on aggression, Outwitting Dogs, and Power of Positive Dog Training (again) all before your class  (these were on the recommended reading list)…read them all.  Not ONE book helped me as much as you did! Each touched on Learning Theory but none packaged it up in a neat little bundle like you did.So from the deepest part of my heart…thank you, thank you, thank you!! Sue….you did a good job and I will recommend you to everyone. Thanks!!

Linda Mangun
Jungle Camp Pet Resort & Spa
Aubrey, TX

Postscript from LindaLinda Mangun…passed her test…thanks to you!!! Without your encouragement and lessons, it would have been impossible. But, with your class and your “positive motivation,” I did receive my letter and can now use my new title. Thanks Sue!!

Linda Mangun, CPDT-KA

This email is long overdue but I just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPDT exam with flying colors!! I took the exam in Sept.  I missed 20 questions for a score of 92%.  I missed 11 questions in the learning theory section. I knew that was my weakest area.  I had a difficult time grasping the quadrant concept.Your quadrant information was invaluable. It seemed I had a mental block when it came to the quadrant work. I just couldn’t seem to get it. Your exercises really helped! I can’t thank you enough.

Thank You!

Susan Lautner, CPDT-KA
Cleveland, OH

I found Raising Canine’s Learning Theory Telecourse to be extremely helpful in a number of ways.  Not only did it help me successfully prepare for the CPDT-KA exam (I passed with a great score), it also helped me think about what I was doing with my training and my teaching.  I highly recommend this course for people studying for the CPDT-KA exam and for people who are looking to improves their technical dog training knowledge. Thanks for a great class!

Kate Pickett CPDT-KA
Keenly Canine
Nampa, ID

Hi Sue -I took your Learning Theory telecourse several weeks ago in preparation for the CPDT examination. I am happy to say that I passed with 94% and I am certain that your course helped me reach my goal. Thank you so much for providing the course, it was informative and you were patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable. I will certainly recommend this course to my colleagues who are now preparing to take their exam.

Kirsten Rose, CPDT-KA
Professional Dog Trainer

I am preparing for the CPDT and this course was awesome – a great overview of all the terms and acronyms and types of learning. The more I hear these terms and get examples of them, the better. Your course also helped me identify and process what my mentor is saying to me. Susan, you explained things in the most simple manner. And hearing them from you makes them all sound so easy. You did a great job of using language I am using at my level. You made the course very personal and intimate. I felt like I had met you and the other participants in person. For sure I will recommend this class – especially if sitting for the CPDT. Also, great refresher course (that you don’t have to travel to) for those needing CEUs.

Prairie Lee
Rocking K9 Companions, LLC

Choteau, MT

Marketing Mentor Specialty Course

Hi guys,

I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful time spent together during the marketing mentor course. It was a godsend for me, and really motivated me to new levels of marketing. Everyone flies off in new directions after something like this, hopefully encouraged and enthusiastic, but I hope we’re able to stay in touch!

Susan and Veronica, you both did a great job! It was worth the money and more. Susan, you always have something to say and I will be hearing your advice in my head whenever I come up with new ideas! Veronica, you are fabulous at encouraging and coaching people in the right direction. I think you both are providing a service that is very needed.

Thanks again for the great advice,

Tiffany Sostar, CPDT
DogStar Training and Behaviour Consultations
Okotoks, Alberta

Hi everyone,

I did my first lecture yesterday. I had 30 chairs, and 69 PEOPLE SHOWED UP!! We were scrambling to find more chairs and still ended up with lots of people on the floor. I had 2 people working sign-in sheets at the entrance, and had to start 10 minutes late because of the line outside! I filled one class at the location (my original goal) and started on a second. Had a reporter there from a local paper who interviewed me afterwards. A client filmed it for me too – we’ll see how that turns out.

So it was a big success and I wanted to thank all of you for your guidance and encouragement. I certainly wouldn’t have pulled this off if I hadn’t taken the Marketing Mentor course! I hope all your projects are going well to and would love to hear about them.

Hope you and your businesses are thriving!

Advanced Clicker Training

This has been an excellent course. I have learned a great deal. I have attempted similar things in the past, but after the first few sessions stopped. However, with this course I had to keep going and continued learning throughout the course’s entirety.

Thanks, Randy

Canine Behavior & Learning

Raising Canine’s “Canine Behavior and Learning” is extremely well done – the content is excellent! This thoughtfully produced presentation will help trainers get their name out into the marketplace, focusing marketing efforts and generating greater awareness of just how knowledgeable dog trainers are to the ideal referral base — veterinarians! Additionally, it will help spread the word about common behavioral misconceptions to our local communities. I would recommend this program to anyone who dreads working on the marketing portion of their business.

Jean Donaldson
Author of:
“The Culture Clash,”
“MINE! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs”

Sue, your Power Point presentation for my staff meetings at local veterinary offices is outstanding and will be a very big help to me. It’s very professional, and you did an excellent job of covering prevention of bad behaviors, communication, and puppy and dog education.

Anne Hudson, CDBC
FunPups Training & Behavior Solutions|
Peachtree City, Georgia


I used your presentation at my first vets today and it went quite well, I thought. There were questions afterwards about how to work with specific problems so I took that as an interest. They especially liked the aggression/body language part. Amazing how many kennel workers and even vet techs don’t seem to know the signs to watch for BEFORE a dog aggresses. Thanks for creating the power point.

Terry Cuyler
Pawsitive Results/Best Paw Forward
Longwood, Florida

Hi Susan,I just wanted to let you know that I have installed Power Point and everything is working just as it should. I love the presentation and am so thrilled I purchased it! Thank you!

Tracy Haskell
Peaceful Pack Dog Training
Ellsworth, Maine

On-Demand Telecourses

Dear Sue,

I know I’ve told you in the past that I love your telecourses, but I wanted to write you a note to tell you how wonderfully useful they really are. I am currently working my way through a certification program and I need educational credits in several key areas of dog training and behavior. I have been able to pull up the certification requirements and see where I still need to earn credits. Then, I just turn to the Raising Canine telecourses and find courses that fit those needs! Because your courses are done on audio, I can take them anytime I need to and save the money I might otherwise spend on traveling to a seminar live. I still get the benefits of having the live course so I can ask questions of the speakers, but I save so much time and money doing things through Raising Canine! It makes fulfilling my CEU requirements a breeze.

I also use your dog training teleclasses when I want to get fresh ideas on a topic. I teach semi-private classes for problems like aggression and separation anxiety. Even though I have my own curriculum and methods, I have listened to every telecourse you have on these subjects and I often find new tips, tricks, insights, and ideas to keep my classes fresh. Thanks again for the high-quality speakers and convenient, cost-effective products!

Hi Susan,I keep meaning to write you and thank you for doing this. I live in the San Francisco bay area and have dog training classes most evenings and on Saturdays. The closest place to take classes (and they only have them there sporadically) is at the Marin Humane Society about 1-1/2 hour drive. When I got my CPDT I had two *very* senior dogs and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving them for very long days while I attended classes. I was thinking I would have to retake the test in order to continue my CPDT certification. Once I found your courses it has been a great way for me to continue my learning and receive the CEUs I need to recertify. Thank you very much for all you do for us!

Erin Callaghan,
ECC Solutions,
Redwood City, CA

I always enjoy the Raising Canine telecourses. They are informative and fun. I like that the format is clear and concise. My attention span can wane with longer telecourses, I like that these course are short and on point. Thank you again Susan for providing this vital service.

Joella Cunnington, CPDT
The Uncommon Canine, Inc.

6 Week Group Class
I just finished the 6 Week Group Class experience telecourse and it was great and very informative! I liked Rachel’s idea of products and want to implement some of it. Thanks!

Sarah Larsen
And the Crew
Moo State Paws Crossed Dog Training
Lake Geneva Animal Hospital

Aggression in Puppies
No Need to answer back…IT WAS AWESOME SUSAN. WORTH EVERY PENNY AND GREAT I CAN REFER TO IT.  Highly recommend and the 1 1/2hrs seemed like 15 minutes.  THANK YOU

Ada Lana-Simms CPDT-KA, OSCT
Reward That Puppy! Inc. Dog Training

All About Prompts!
Just wanted to thank you for a great Telecourse on Prompts!  Found it to be very thought provoking.

Michaela Greif
Opportunity Barks Dog Training
Philadelphia, PA

Sticky Situations, Super Solutions – Cara Shannon, JD, CPDT-KSA, CDBC
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Cara’s telecourse.  I’ve been a trainer for over 20 years and know a lot of the information that’s out there.  Many times it’s a rehash of the same stuff.  But Cara came up with some new really easy and workable solutions.  Great course!

Caryl Wolff, BA, CDBC, NADOI, CPDT

Basic Behavioral Neuroanatomy -“ Dr. Lore Haug
Wow! I’m only about 10 minutes in and I can tell that this one will be one I’ll want to listen to over and over to absorb all of the material. Excellent course, Sue and Dr. Haug!

Cara Shannon
Buddy’s Chance, LLC
Austin, Texas 78751

The Big Six: On-Leash Aggression – Veronica Boutelle, dogTEC
Once again, a very well planned and highly informative course. I’m looking forward to the rest in the series!

Kelly Sullivan
Phoebe’s Friends Dog Training and Behavior

The Big Six
I was first dubious about the value of a telecourse, but The Big 6 series is so relevant to my business right now that I decided to give it a try and I signed up for the first one, Separation Anxiety. After the telecourse was over, I was so impressed with the quality of the presentation, the amount of pertinent information conveyed in the space of an hour and a half, that I have already recommended the telecourses to other trainers and am signing up for more myself. I was not just impressed with the behavior modification techniques covered but also with the presentation of how to incorporate these techniques into a package product with a marketable value. Well done!

Building and Maintaining Veterinary Relationships
Thank you Cara and Sue for a great course! I’ve been very pleased with the Raising Canine courses. When Building and Maintaining Veterinary Relationships came up I knew I should take it. Cara was very pleasant and cheerful. It was clear to me that if anyone knows how to work a vet visit, she does!

Suze Shaulis
Cedarwater Dog Training
Germantown, MD

How To Run A Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is – New Pups: Getting Started
Hi Sue,

I’m really looking forward to Veronica’s telecourse tomorrow a.m. I sure did get a great deal out of her last one. In fact, I published my very first newsletter ever thanks to her encouraging advice in her last telecourse. It is amazing how easy it was, once I got started.

The best part is that the newsletter has been very well received just like she said it would. What a valuable tool. I’m doing one every month and already have the August issue roughed out. I’m planning to do actual interviews with the local K-9 Sheriff Team, a local dog trainer, and other animal professionals. Veronica really gave me the zap I needed to bolster my confidence in my dog bakery by providing promotional tools that I can afford to implement. Veronica made me realize that my 35 years of animal experience counts and can now be a valuable asset to my dog bakery business.

I’m also giving away a sample bag of my dog biscuits to the graduating classes of a local, highly successful dog trainer who provides classes at a large dog boarding and dog spa facility. This is cheap advertising and inside every sample bag is a coupon for a dollar off on a one-pound bag. I do this at the local dog shelter but can’t judge the effectiveness because no one turns in the coupons. Perhaps by focusing on people that take training classes, aka spending money on their dogs, the outcome will be better. Veronica made me realize that the idea is sound but the approach needs tweaking.

Thanks for all you do, Sue. These telecourses are so affordable, helpful and accessible.

JJ Jones
Top Dog Bakery
Merlin, Oregon

Multiple Dogs
Hi Susan!

Thanks for having that class by Trish King! This is my 2nd raising canine telecourse and I find them extremely helpful and economical! Trish King’s multiple dog household course was great. I am able to directly apply many of the things she said to my cases (I have several multi dog cases) and am very excited to try out some of her suggestions!

I also took the MRE approach to aggression with Joel Walton. I enjoyed that class too and put one of his suggestions into practice the next day with much success! So, I love these courses, they directly relate to what I do every day and I hope to see more speakers participating!

90 Days to a Rock Solid Recall

Dear Susan,

I can’t thank you enough for letting the High Plains Service Dog Program allow its training teams to use the 90_Days_To_A_Rock_Solid_Recall program, which you developed. All of our teams are disabled people with their own Service Dog in Training, paired with an experienced and also disabled instructor, who coaches and teaches that individual how to accomplish the basic behavior set as well as the more advanced skills and task training sets.The way you have laid out the course, along with simple explanations regarding why some things must be done in a certain order, is just exactly what a novice level trainer needs.I was so excited about the program when I got it, that I contacted each board member and told them all about it. We later took a vote and the 90 days program is now a required part of our program’s training set. This is turning into a superb asset as we require journaling in the same manner as your program already has built in.I am just thrilled with the lay out and carefully devised method for advancing a dog through reliable in home to reliable outside in any condition recalls. Many of our teams are paired with an older adolescent or young adult dog, and the reliable recall had been one of the most common problem areas for these owner-trainers.

With gratitude,
Polly A Callant
President and Director of training for
High Plains Service Dogs
Twin Falls, Idaho

I bought the recall book and it’s great! Basically it really shows me how to put it all together for an owner. Theory wise, the process makes perfect sense to me, but to see how you approach the recall towards owners was exactly the step by step info I have been looking for.

Thanks Susan!

Kirsten Frisch
The Gentle Canine www.gentlecanine.com

Bring Those Puppies Home – Marketing Handouts

Hi Sue,

Last year I bought your package of brochures and flyers “Bring Those Puppies Home!” I use these all the time, and I always keep a supply in the car. I often get stopped by people when I am out and they find out I’m a dog trainer and want to ask a question about their dog. After some polite conversation, I hand them a flyer and they’re pleased as punch. I’ve definitely gotten business that way, so I want to tell you what a great product it is.

I also want to give these to my referring vets – something they can have on hand to give to their clients who might ask about specific behavior problems. Saves time for the vet and promotes my business at the same time. Some have even asked if I have something on disc that they can print out as needed in their office. Thanks again!

When I decided to create a brochure for my diversified business, I contacted Susan. I wanted a professional looking brochure that reflected my website. After creating an initial format, and some revisions I got the brochure I wanted. A key to making this possible was our communication and Susan’s ability to educate me about the difference between selling my passion-educating companion pet owners and marketing my business. If marketing is not your forte, but recognizing selling your business services is important for earning a living, I would suggest contacting Susan to help. My new brochure highlights my services but without compromising the reason for doing what I love.

Joyce D. Kesling, CDBC
Responsible Dog & Cat Training and Behavior Solutions
Sarasota, Florida

Positive Gun Dogs:  Clicker Training for Sporting Breeds

Positive Gun Dogs takes an exciting and refreshing new look at the training of gun dogs as hunting companions. No more “ear pinching” or “heeling sticks,” but at last a systematic and effective reward-based training program.

Pippa Mattinson
Founder of the Gundog Club

A pioneering experiment . . . a valuable and comprehensive training resource.

Jeff Boston
UK trainer and field trial judge

This book brims with crafty applicataions of learning laws. A goldmine of a book . . . never preachy in tone, Positive Gun Dogs presents a clear option for those who would rather not employ pain to train their field dogs.

Jean Donaldson, Author of:
The Culture Clash
MINE! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs
FIGHT! A Guide to Dog-Dog Aggression
Dogs Are From Neptune

Be a Tree

Hi Susan!I used it for a local city’s health fair. We had a table giving out information on our clinic and my behavioral consulting firm. It was a family event and there were lots of kids. I gave out this handout and walked kids through being a tree and also handed out coloring books from the AKC. The event went great and it was great to see kids respond in the correct way when I asked them to show me what they’d do if a strange dog were running at them. Thanks!

Dr. Elizabeth Feltes
Animal Behavior Services of Northeast Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio