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Making the Leap to Behavior Cases
August 7, 2024
Presented by Teoti Anderson

Reinforcement drives behavior and other training fundamentals
August 14, 2024
Presented by Kris Hale

Understanding Learning Theory
See webpage for dates
Presented by Susan Smith

Working dogs—what does that mean? Don’t most breeds do some kind of work?
September 4, 2024
Presented by Jill Kessler-Miller

Confident, Coping and In Control – Building Resilient Dogs
September 11, 2024
Presented by Sarah Dixon

Criteria & Rate of Reinforcement – the most misunderstood pieces of the puzzle
October 2, 2024
Presented by Susan Smith

Chain, Chain, Chain . . .
November 6, 2024
Presented by Susan Smith

Under Pressure – Working with Sensitive Breeds
November 13, 2024
Presented by Sarah Dixon

It Takes a Village: Learn How to Join Forces with Other Pet Professionals to Benefit Everyone
December 4, 2024
Presented by Teoti Anderson

Creating a more enriching environment for dogs of all ages
December 11, 2024
Presented by Lisa Potts