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Sean Senecha

Sean Senechal

Sean Senechal is Founder and Director of Education and Research at AnimalSign Center where she teaches animals to extend their natural communication.  Sean is an animal language educator, teaching animals a new gestural language to SIGN TO you. With AnimalSign animals learn to sign what they want, need, sense, and feel. This is useful for companion and service dogs. Most clients are dogs and horses, though cats and birds have benefited. Sean is the author of AnimalSign To You. Imagine! Signing Is Not Just for Primates Anymore. Ms. Senechal is a physiologist with a focus on animal cognition. She instructs at Hartnell and other Monterey area colleges teaching Animal Learning and Language, Biology, Physiology and Anatomy. She attended UCBerkeley (BA), SFState (MA) and attended UCDavis graduate school in Animal Physiology. At UCDavis she gained valuable experience while in a Primate Center Laboratory. She is a member of AAAS, American Behavior Society & Assoc. of Pet Dog Trainers, Writer’s Guild, and Central Coast Writers.