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Sarah Kalnajs

Sarah Kalnajs

Sarah Kalnajs is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) and Certified Pet Dog Trainer (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) with over ten years experience working in canine behavior, training, and research. She is the owner of Blue Dog Training & Behavior in Madison, Wisconsin (www.bluedogtraining.com).

Sarah is a professional member of the ABMA (Animal Behavior Management Alliance), APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), and the IAACAB (International Institute for Applied Companion Animal Behavior). She is one of the editors of the peer-reviewed “Dog Trainers Journal” (www.dogtrainersjournal.com), and is a member of the advisory board and faculty of Cynology College (www.cynologycollege.com) specializing in the areas of shelter and rescue behavior, evaluation, and modification in shelter settings.

Sarah is an honors graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison and has completed post-graduate work at Edgewood College and through the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Research Lab at the University of Hawaii. She is one of the first international students to complete the Canine Behavior Program conducted through the Etologisk Institut under the mentorship of Dr. Roger Abrantes in Denmark.

In addition to her private practice, Ms. Kalnajs is president of Wisconsin American Eskimo Rescue and political liaison for the Wisconsin Dog Rescue Coalition (www.widogrescue.com).

Sarah is the producer of the popular and highly praised DVD series, “Language of Dogs” and “Am I Safe”.

A popular speaker and freelance writer, Sarah has presented seminars nationwide on topics relating to dog training and behavior. She has been interviewed by BBC radio, NBC television, Wisconsin Public Radio, Women’s Health & Fitness magazine, and Honolulu magazine, and has written articles for APDT Chronicle of the Dog, Madison magazine, Allpets, and other publications.

She has extensive experience as an expert witness in both civil and criminal litigation relating to dog aggression.

Sarah serves as a consultant to a number of humane societies in Southern Wisconsin, training staff and implementing evaluation protocols and training and behavior programs. She is well known for her evaluation protocol (the Blue Dog Behavior Evaluation) as well as the Dog-Safe Waist Restraint System used by shelters and dog owners who need to evaluate or work with reactive, fearful or aggressive dogs.

In addition to her work with dogs, Sarah has participated extensively in dolphin and humpback whale research.