Raising Canine

Liz Reyes

LizReyesLiz Reyes “The Oily Dog Trainer”

With over twenty-six years of dog training experience, Liz Reyes understands what makes a canine tick. She’s a Certified Pet Dog Trainer with expertise in behavior modification, personal protection, search and rescue, advanced obedience, and basic obedience. Over the course of her career she’s trained dogs for K-9 police forces, search and rescue teams, film, and theater. She has been an oils practitioner for three years, currently operating as a Young Living Gold distributor and mentor. Liz holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology from California State University, San Bernardino, and owned and operated a large dog training facility in Southern California for twelve years. She is a public speaker, blogger, and essential oils coach, and was featured in the nationally distributed magazine, Dogs Naturally, as a dog training expert and essential oils advocate.