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Alicia Smith


aliciasmithHere’s the official word: As an internationally recognized coach, consultant and trainer, Alicia has developed over sixty-five training programs and has trained and coached over sixty thousand individuals in their own business or as employees in service, non-profit, government, and manufacturing. Let Alicia bring her skills to your business and your life!


Her one-on one coaching supports clients to create the Perfect Business and the Perfect Life. She asks more of her clients than they expect of themselves and they rise to the occasion. She creates classes that produce results! With her expert use of learning tools and an energetic approach to adult education, she instills in participants the desire and determination to achieve new levels of accomplishment. Her time spent with clients is a professional blend of information, entertainment, encouragement and compassion. She helps you get the results you want!

Now, here’s my story: While working on a degree in Psychology my father asked me what I planned to do with my life – work for someone else? He went on to tell me that when he got his Ph.D. in Psychology it guaranteed him a job. At the time of this conversation a Bachelor’s degree would guarantee me nothing. Dad also knew my “High D” tendencies (you’ll learn about High D’s in my Teleclasses and suggested that the first time a boss asked me to get coffee I probably wouldn’t respond well. He encouraged me to find something that I could do on my own.

Since then my business life has been evolutionary. I took my dad’s advice seriously and started on a path of self-employment or what I like to call Solopreneurship. Here’s how I created 6 businesses, sold 4 of them and evolved into what I’m doing today.

I got my real estate license and successfully sold real estate for several years (business 1). I sold my interest in that business when I moved from Houston to Austin. I began teaching real estate for a private school and loved it! I started a 2-day review course to prepare people for the real estate exam in Texas. This grew to become the largest review course in the state (business 2). Students kept telling me that they learned more in my 2-day review course than they had learned in 6 weeks of classes and asked when I was going to open up a licensing school. The school was opened and immediately became the largest in Austin (business 3). I stopped counting when I had taught 50,000 people in this topic alone. Although I sold both the review course and the school I’m happy to say that they are still number one in their respective marketplaces.

While I owned the 2 schools I began getting requests to provide corporate training as well as requests to speak to business groups. This was the beginning of Alicia Smith Consulting and Training, affectionately referred to as ASCAT (business 4). After 7 years of traveling nationwide, delivering various training programs (communication, negotiation, management, sales), I was ready for a new challenge. My brother and I started a web design firm, Web a la Carte Web Design (business 5). Although we did well, neither one of us was passionate about the business. Luckily a delightful woman, Christine Flowers, bought the business and it is thriving.

I have created a number of teleclasses and have taught over 10,000 students by phone. I’m very excited about this new medium. I’m a Senior Teleclass Leader for Coachville, the Schools of Coaching and Telelesson.com.. I also offer two free teleclasses of my own design every month. Please come join me sometime. I love teaching teleclasses (and I’ve been told it shows)!