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As a self-employed dog business professional, chances are you either travel to parks, unfamiliar properties or hold group classes at a facility and work with unknown people and their dogs. Learn how to stay safe no matter what environment or situation you may be in. The most important part of your business to invest in, is YOU. Learn personal safety strategies, tips and techniques you need to be aware of to avoid dangerous situations. Topics include but are not limited to: mental preparedness, physical security, self-defense training, car/travel security, personal defense devices, 10 second assessments, protocols for arriving at a new location with unknown owner/dog and more!

Pre-requisites OR Target Level of Knowledge: n/a
Instructor: Daphne Robert-Hamilton
Continuing Education Units (CEUs):
CPDT-KA: 1.5
IAABC: 1.5
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Course Length: 1 hr 30 min
Original Air Date: 2018
Course Cost: $30.00

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