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Happy Little Muzzles

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Course Information:
When properly introduced, fitted, and utilized muzzles can be incredibly beneficial to both dog and handler, as well as anyone encountering the dog. Of course, when not adequately desensitized, muzzles can be a constant source of frustration, distraction, and aversion and may end up being more harmful than helpful. Especially in cases where longer periods of muzzling are required, adequate desensitization is a must. In this session, attendees can expect to walk step by step through how I help dogs to become happy in their muzzle. This webinar is ideal for those who are newer to the industry, or maybe just starting to take on aggression cases, or perhaps simply aren’t sure about working with muzzles. Note: brands, selecting and sizing of muzzles will not be discussed in much detail.
Instructor: Katenna Jones
Continuing Education Units (CEUs):
CPDT-KA:  1.5
IAABC:  1.5
Course Length: 1.5 hr
Original Air Date: 2020
Course Cost: $30.00

Contact Information: sue@raisingcanine.com
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