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— Tired of spending half an hour on the phone and not getting the client?
— Frustrated with initial consults that don’t turn into additional training time?
— Wish clients would purchase the number of training hours they really need to reach their goals?
— Or does your stomach turn every time someone asks what you charge or when it’s time to sell your services?

Then this course is for you!

Many factors influence conversion rates—the number of phone calls that turn into initial consults and the number of consults that result in ongoing clients. We look at each of these and discuss small changes you can make to increase your sales confidence and effectiveness. We also walk through step-by-step sales strategies for the phone and initial consult.

No matter your previous track record or level of discomfort, you too can learn to become a closer. And doing so not only means a better bottom line for you—it means the opportunity to help more dogs and their people.

Pre-requisites OR Target Level of Knowledge: N/A
Instructor: Veronica Boutelle, M.A.
Continuing Education Units (CEUs):
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Course Length: 1.5 hours
Original Air Date: 2009
Course Cost: $30.00

Contact Information: sue@raisingcanine.com
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