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Conditioned Cues for Pets & Service Dogs: Setting Up Novice Learners for Success

Do your basic manners students attach their recall or “wait” cues before the dog knows the behavior, or when the cue is already poisoned? Have you wondered how best to train a psychiatric service dog to alert to a handler’s self-injury or anxious behavior or a hearing dog to alert to a sound? Have you struggled to train “drop it” effectively in group classes? In this webinar, Sharon Wachsler details how classically conditioning a cue can be a game-changing step for clients. Conditioned cues have markedly improved her students’ ability to follow instructions, as well as built more reliable behavior in their dogs. Topics covered include which cues to condition, how to condition them, and video examples of clients training with conditioned cues.
Pre-requisites OR Target Level of Knowledge:  n/a
Instructor:  Sharon Wachsler, CPDT-KA, KPA
Continuing Education Units (CEUs):
CBCC-KA: n/a
CPDT-KA:  1.5
IAABC:  1.5
IACP: 1.5
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Course Length:  1.5 hr
Original Air Date:  2023
Course Cost:  $30.00

Contact Information:  sue@raisingcanine.com
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